Set confidentiality per matter

Within Legisway Essentials, there is a possibility to make some data, confidential. Confidential in Legisway Essentials, is defined as hidden data, that only can be approached by the system administrators, the users that made the data confidential, and the users that have been invited, to see the specific data.


As mentioned before, editors and administrators, can make specific dossiers confidential. Also, all related content to this dossier, will be confidential, such as documents, email and etc.


After the dossier is confidential, the administrators, and the user that made the dossier confidential, can make the dossier public again.


Administrators and editors, are also able to make Corporate archive folders, confidential. When a user navigates to a specific group company, and selects a Corporate archive folder, he or she, has the possibility to make this folder, confidential. Also all related content to this folder will be confidential, such as documents, email and etc.


Next to making a Corporate archive folder confidential, Legisway Essentials also allows users, to set confidentiality, for legal folders. Legal folders, are related to Claims and Projects, and contain documents.

Set confidentiality per matter-Shot 7