New Clipboard



The clipboard functionality, is available on every Legisway Essentials dashboard, in the top right corner. It helps users to move, link, download and email documents. This functionality is only available for administrators and editors. To use this feature, select a specific dossier first. Such as this Business Agrement.


First we will demonstrate the move and link functionality. In order to try this, navigate to the documents tab. Click on the move and link button and select one or multiple documents. Once you selected a document, proceed by clicking Browse matter and select the desired dossier type. In the following screen, you can search for a specific dossier type through a general search on your right, or with the help of specific meta data such as the group company name. Once you selected a dossier of your liking, you will have 2 options to choose from before finalizing. You could either move the selected document from the current dossier to the chosen dossier. Or you could link the selected document to an additional dossier which is the dossier you have selected.


In addition to moving and linking, the clipboard functionality allows users to email a dossier and documents. First click on the dotted icon of a document, in order to add it to your clipboard. When you navigate to your clipboard list in the top right corner, you will have an overview of all the documents added. Click Mail as list and start typing your email. As a last check, you see the selected attachments which you can simply amend by including or excluding certain documents. A preview will be displayed and when finished, click send. The receiver will immediately receive your email.


A final option that the clipboard feature offers, is downloading several documents into a ZIP file. In order to try this, please navigate to the documents tab of a dossier. Click on the dots icon on the far right of document, to add it to your clipboard list. Repeat this step on other dossiers if needed, because the clipboard allows you to compile a list of documents from multiple dossiers. When finisched simply click on the clipboard icon in the top right and choose: download items. You will then receive a notification from your browser, that a zipfile has been downloaded.


When you are finished using the clipboard, please clear your list at all times by clicking on the clipboard again. Followed by the option: clear list. This allow you to start with a clean list before proceeding with other documents and tasks.

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