Dossier Modifications

Each dashboard in Legisway Essentials has several dossier types. After creating a dossier within one of these dashboards, the editor and the administrator are able to modify the dossier.


Meta data on a dossier can be edited, by clicking the “Edit” pencil icon, on the upper right side of the screen.


The most common action regarding status changes, is making an active dossier inactive. Clicking “Make inactive” results in a screen, where, Legisway Essentials asks for an inactive date.


Inactivating a dossier, will archive the dossier. In this case, it will be displayed under “Inactive dossiers” ,and all alerts related to the specific dossier type, will not be sent anymore.


When creating a specific dossier, Legisway Essentials asks for the status. In the “Create form”, this can be “Active”, or “Draft”. However, a user can also set the status of a dossier to “Draft”, when it is already existing.


To do so, just click on “Set as draft”. You can also set the status to, “Cancelled”.


After the user confirms cancelling the dossier, this dossier will appear under ‘Cancelled’, in the specific dashboard.


All of the status changes, can be found under the “Log”, tab.


Every dossier becomes more valuable, when the content is added. Contents in Legisway Essentials can be defined as, Documents, Emails, Notes, Risks, Tasks and Workflows.


Documents can be added to every dossier, by 3 methods. The first option, is to drag and drop the document into the box called, ‘Drag and drop documents here’. The second option, is to mail the document to the specific email address under the “drag and drop” box. The third option, is to add a document from the menu, at the right side of the screen.


An email conversation can be added to a specific dossier, by forwarding this conversation to the specific email address. The email will appear under the “Email” tab.


Adding a risk can be done by the functionality of the, “Add Risk” on the right menu. This function, forwards the user to a “create screen” where data can be entered. This works the same, for “adding a note”.


All note and risks are available, in their own tabs.



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