Start a workflow


All of your dossiers are organised by type of information and accessible from each of the dashboards. No matter what type of workflow you want to create, the process is always the same.


So if you want to create a workflow on a specific business agreement, you need to navigate to the Contracts‘ dashboard and click on the „Business“.


Now if you choose one business agreement, you can see the workflow button on the menu bar.


All workflows are arranged in the dossier by status. By default, the status is set on, All.


When selecting „Start a workflow“, a user can choose to create an own specific workflow, or to choose a predefined workflow.


A user needs to fill in the new workflow title, workflow description, and choose if the order should be enforced or not, and if the workflow should be enabled when saving it. Enabling a workflow, sends an email to the person, that is related to the first step.


As mentioned in the previous step, a workflow consists several tasks in a specific order.


Click on create, to create a task for your workflow.


After creating all tasks in the workflow, please select „save workflow“.


To enable the specific workflow, please select the 3 vertical dots and click on „enable“. This will start the workflow.


As we enabled the workflow in the previous step, the assigned user receives a notification in their task dashboard, plus the email notification.


When completing the specific step, Legisway Essentials asks the users to confirm, and there is also a possibility to leave notes.


To prevent creating duplicate workflows under dossiers, in the task dashboard, there is a possibility to create workflow templates.


Creating a workflow template, starts with filling in the description and selecting a dossier type, where the workflow will be used. After the template is created, a user can create the workflow itself.


While creating a workflow directly from a dossier, a user has to do the same steps to add the workflow to the workflow template.


When creating an „Approval“ task, a user has the possibility to select a consequence, when the specific approval task is rejected by the assigned user.


When all tasks under the workflow are created, click „Save“ and Legisway Essentials displays an overview of all the tasks in the workflow.

start a workflow- Shot 14b