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Invite as Viewer


Within Legisway Essentials, administrators and viewers have a possibility to make specific dossiers visible to selective users. This functionality can be used across all modules.


In order to do so, please navigate to one of your sub-dashboards and click on a specific matter. In this example, we have chosen an IT-Related Purchase agreement.


Through Access Control an administrator may or may not have granted access to matter types such as purchase agreements. “Invite user as viewer”, allows you to grant access to selective users who should be involved with this specific matter. Simply click on the menu botton on the right and select the users.


Once you have submitted the users, they will immediately receive an email notification with a link that directs them to the matter. In addition to that, a tab will appear that provides an overview of all users that were invited as viewers.

Simply click on the cross icon to revoke the view rights of a user. Please be aware that this person will also receive an email notification to confirm that their view rights were revoked.


This functionality can also be used to grant access to specific folders. When a user navigates to a specific group company, and selects a Corporate archive folder, he or she, has the possibility to click on invite users as viewers. Simply search for existing persons through the search function and submit the users that should be granted access. The User Access tab will appear again, allowing you to revoke access rights when needed.