Document booker

Use your own unique inbox, to quickly process documents and emails to new and existing dossiers, using the Document Booker.


To open the “Document Booker”, click on the icon on the top right.


If you have a large set of documents, that you would like to add to Legisway Essentials, drag and drop them easily, in the Document Booker.


Or, forward emails containing the documents, as attachments to your own unique email address.


All the documents and emails that are uploaded, can be found in the Document Booker. Select one document, or multiple documents and book them.


You can search for an existing dossier, using the search bar and add the document to this dossier easily. For each document, you can decide, if the corresponding email, should be added or not.


Or, you can easily create a new dossier, using the “Create” button.
By filling in all the necessary fields, you can quickly create a new dossier, without leaving the document booker.


Continue in the Document Booker, and process all documents, and their emails, easily and quickly.

Document booker - Shot 6.3