Access Control model



As an administrator, you can assign different, access rights to every user. To do so, go to “User Accounts”.


This dashboard, displays all active users. In order to view inactive or all users, simply click on the status drop down. However, to create a user click on the, “New Account” button on the top left corner.


Creating a user account requires the administrator to search for an existing person in the database or fill out new personal details such as first name and last name. Click next to proceed to account details and fill out the email adress and user name (insert text script). Choose a suitable login role and determine which settings a user might need by enabling or disabling the desired options.


There is a distinction, made between “Edit – All” and “Edit – Limited”, and of course between “View- All” and “View Limited”. As their names indicate, the limited user, can only view or edit dossiers, that are linked to a specific entity. This entity can be selected at the bottom of the form.


Selecting Country or Business unit, to limit the access rights of the new user, works slightly different than Group company, and Department. Country and business unit, are related to group companies. When you give access to a specific Business unit, the user gets the rights to view or edit, all dossiers that are related to group companies, which are in that specific business unit.


Access rights can be set for each theme that your license supports. A theme is considered a module such as contracts. However, each module consists of different matter types which administrators can also grant specific access rights for.


After setting all specific user rights, click on “Save”, and the account will be saved. The user receives an invitation email to set a password. The new user will also appear in the accounts overview.


In addition to creating new users, administrators can also manage personal details, accounts details and access rights of existing users. Simply navigate to the User Accounts dashboards and click on a user. Click on the desired tab, followed by the edit button on the right.


_Screenshot 8 - General Feature Settings