Reporting Suite


Here we discusses the options the Reporting Suite feature in Legisway Essentials supports and how it can be used in your organization. In general, the reporting suite is a feature that allows you to create reports within Legisway Essentials, without any help required from a consultant.


The reporting suite can be accessed through the ‘book’ icon in the top right of your Legisway Essentials environment.


Main overview

When the button to open the reporting suite is clicked, you will see a screen with all dossiertypes that exist in the system, per dossiertype it is possible to create a report. Lets first look at one-time reports and how to create them.



In Legisway Essentials, every dossiertype is connected to a module, which is displayed by the blue bar on the top  of every list of dossiertypes. These modules are also connected to the different dashboards you can see.

Please note that this reporting suite overview is personalized per user, meaning that you can only see the modules and dossiertypes you have access to, as well as only your own saved report templates, to which we will later return.


Reports per dossier type

Selecting one type will forward you to the specific reports for the selected type. In this case we see an overview of business agreements and their fields. These fields correspond with the information that can also be displayed through the factsheet of a dossier.



The overview you have here can be customized to your reporting needs. First of all, using the Eye icon, fields from the factsheet can be added and/or removed from the overview. Next to this eye icon, there is a searchbar present, with which you can search for specific information within your overview.


Next, the different fields can be filtered (left image below), e.g. Business agreements of a specific Group Company. Using the filter icon below the group company or branch column, allows us to select one or multiple group companies on which you want to filter the report.




Next to filtering on group companies, relational values (blue text in the report overview) can also be specified to display fields with information from the factsheet of that relational value. If you want to see the VAT Number of the group companies in the overview, we can use the cogwheel icon (right image above) to select the fields we want to display.



The suite also supports dragging and dropping the different columns. If you want to reorder the way they are displayed, simply click the column header and drag it to the desired location.


Finally, it is also possible to create charts from this same overview, either per field, using the chart icon in the column, or of the whole report you created, using the chart icon in the top right of the report.



When the chart icon is clicked a popup will show asking you which column should be used as datasource for the chart as well as which kind of chart is desired. A Doughnut chart with all business agreements per group company or branch will then look something like this. This chart can also be exported to a file to be shared.




Exporting and saving your report

Once you are satisfied with the report you created in the reporting suite, there are two more functions you can use regarding your current report. First, the saving icon allows you to save your current report within your personalized reporting suite environment. This way, the next time you open the reporting suite the template can be reopened, to display the exact same report. This report will then however include any new dossiers that have been added to Legisway Essentials since the last time the report was created.

Next to saving the template, you can also export the report you created to Word, Excel or PDF or print it straight from Legisway Essentials using the Exporting icon.

Altogether, the reporting suite will ease your reporting needs from Legisway Essentials, in case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our supportdesk.


You need to be an Editor or an Administrator to make use of these instructions so please contact your Legisway Essentials Administrator if you do not have a username and password. If you require further assistance with logging in, please contact support at: +31 20 330 16 82


Please click here to download the full manual.