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Welcome to Legisway Essentials – your smart legal dashboard.


Using Legisway Essentials to manage, share and report on your legal information is easy. This video will explain how Legisway Essentials work, so you can get up and running quickly!


No matter which types of information you are managing in Legisway Essentials , the first thing you need to do is enter all of the key details.


For example, if you’re adding a contract, you’ll want to register the expiration dates, parties involved, renewal options and so on.


Once you click save, Legisway Essentials automatically creates a dossier, where you can find the information you just registered in an easy to understand summary.


From the dossier, you can update information, drog & drop documents, add notes, assign tasks, identify risks, and share or export data effortlessly. With everything organized in one place, you can save time finding what you need and boost efficiency when collaborating with co-workers across the business.


But that’s not all. Responsible parties will receive email notifications regarding assigned tasks or upcoming deadlines so you can be sure everyone knows what to do, and noone misses an important legal milestone.


Now that your information is stored in a structured way, you can easily get an accurate overview of everything in your dashboards. Key information is more visible and cross-referenced, making it more understandable to anyone using Legisway Essentials.


Finally, you can generate detailed reports and charts to share with your team or corporate leaders when you need to. With insights available at the click of a button, you can be more proactive and provide more value across the entire business.


There you have it – everything you need to know to start using Legisway Essentials. Whether you start with contracts, cases, compliance regulations, policies, corporate records or intellectual property, Legisway Essentials is the only tool you need to stay organized, collaborate with co-workers, and stay on top of your risks!


When you’re ready to expand to other types of information, we’re here to help make it easy.



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