Reporting suite

All dashboards and related dossier types, that you can create in Legisway Essentials, can be found within the Reporting Suite.


To do so Click the „Reports“ icon from the top right corner of the screen.


For every dossier type, you are able to create a custom report.


Select a specific dossier type to report on.


In order to have a clear overview, you can limit the results by the tab or the page.


In the Reporting Suite, you are able to add fields from the dossier type, as columns to the report.


Adding the information of the entities, such as Editor, Group Company, Counter party, Department, and Business owner, is slightly different.


When clicking on the radar wheel, the following screen will appear where a user can select information on the specific entity: in this case, the group company.


The order of the columns, can be changed by the user.


A filter can be added to the report. A user can select from a pre-defined list, to filter or to put in text depending to the field format.


When clicking the „charting“ icon from the upper right corner, the Reporting Suite allows the user, to create a custom chart, from a specific set of columns.


This chart displays the number of dossiers per department. This chart can be also changed, so it shows percentages. You can also, change the department column, and change the chart type. It is also possible to export this chart to PDF.


There are four possibilities to share the created report. Word, Excel, PDF, and you can print it directly.


Every user can save the configuration that he/she just have made.

Screenshot 12