Create a task

All dossier types can be found, under the standard modules.


When you want to create a task on a specific dossier type for example a business agreement, you need to navigate to the Contracts‘ dashboard and click on the „Business“.


All tasks are arranged in the dossier by status. By default, the status is set on, „Open“.


As displayed, there are several types of tasks. Every task, is assigned to a person with a deadline. This person, can complete, or cancel a task.


After selecting the desired task type, a user is able to fill in additional task information.


This newly created task is visible under the task tab on the specific dossier, but it is also displayed in the task dashboard.


All tasks are displayed under the report „Task“. Each user can find an overview of their assigned tasks, under „My Tasks“.


To cope with new users and users leaving, you can reassign tasks, from one user to another.


In Legisway Essentials, a user can also create tasks, in bulk, for one specific dossier type.


After adding the dossier information, Legisway Essentials asks for a task description, an assigned person, and a deadline.


The last page of the Bulk task creation, asks the users for which dossiers, the tasks need to be created.



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