Access Control model

As an administrator, you can assign different, access rights to every user. To do so, go to „User Accounts“.


This dashboard, displays all active users with meta data. It also displays, other reports as Inactive users, people without login, and a total Access overview. To create a user click on the, „Create User“ button on the menu on the right.


Creating a user requires the administrator to enter account details such as username, email address, user group, expiration date of login, language, display date and number, first name, last name, phone number and a profile picture. Then click on „Save“ button.


Based on the selected user group from the previous screen, the administrator can assign specific viewing or editing rights, to the user.


There is a distinction, made between „Edit – All“ and „Edit – Limited“, and of course between „View- All“ and „View Limited“. As their names indicate, the limited user, can only view or edit dossiers, that are linked to a specific entity. This entity can be selected in the box, on the right.


Selecting Country or Business unit, to limit the access rights of the new user, works slightly different than Group company, and Department. Country and business unit, are related to group companies. When you give access to a specific Business unit, the user gets the rights to view or edit, all dossiers that are related to group companies, which are in that specific business unit.


After setting all specific user rights, click on „Save“, and the account will be saved. The user receives an invitation email to set a password.


The newly created user, now has a „Person“ subject. An administrator, can adjust the specific access rights Under the tab, „Account“.


Besides changing access rights, an administrator can also, change account settings. When clicking in the user accounts dashboard, for example, on the username of Don, Draper, Legisway Essentials redirects you to a page, where you can set account settings.


You can also configure the data for the people without a user account or even create an account for them.


In user accounts, it is also possible to view the list, with all inactive users.


Within the user accounts dashboard, an administrator has the ability to view a report, without login of the „Person“ account.


The „Access overview“, displays a report with access rights for all users. These are grouped per module such as, Corporate, contacts and etc.


Next to this, they are also specified per dossier type such as Corporate archive, Business registration and etc.

Access Control Model- Shot 6