Task Manager



In Legisway Essentials, a feature called the task manager which allows you to create a predefined order of tasks you can assign to users in the system. This allows you to put your internal flows of working like contract approval flows into Legisway Essentials. In this quick guide we will go over the basics of this task manager. To do so, the user is required to have basic knowledge of the task management system. Guides on this are available through the knowledge center, the same goes for an extensive task manager manual.


Task options

The following tasks are supported within the Legisway Essentials task manager:




The task manager is a way to predefine a set order of tasks which can later be added to dossiers. These predefined set of tasks in the particular order are called workflow templates. In the task management dashboard, the administrators of the system should see the templates option.



This template overview displays all existing workflow templates in the system. When a new template is created using the create template button, the title of the workflow and the matter type it is related to should be determined.



Once this information is selected, one can start adding workflow steps to the template by using the ‘New Workflow’ button.



You can then set the name of the workflow step, a description of the workflow itself, a fixed order in which the steps need to be taken (do they need to go one by one or can the multiple tasks go simultaneously and lastly add the different tasks within the workflow with the order of which they should be completed (parallel or sequentially). Multiple tasks with the same number in the order will be sent out parallel and can be completed parallel of each other, sequential tasks with a higher order can only be completed after the previous order tasks were completed. These tasks should be assigned to a person, but can later be reassigned.






Assigning the workflow to a dossier

After the template has been created, the workflow template should be assigned to a dossier in order to come in effect. This is done by using the ‘add template’ button on the tasks tab of the dossier.



A overview of the workflows that can be used will be displayed, using the eye icon you can preview the workflow, using the ‘+’ sign you can directly added. After adding the workflow, the tasks can be reassigned to other users using the ‘Reassign Tasks’ button that appears when the 3-dot menu is clicked on the template.

After the tasks are assigned to the correct person, the workflow can be enabled after which the first mails will be sent out to the users to which the first order of tasks are assigned.

Access Rights

Based on the login role an user has, some parts of the task manager are not available. All users are able to complete tasks assigned to them, the editors in the system are able to activate predefined templates on the dossiers next to this. Administrators can create and edit these templates as well. Next to this, the administrator has the complete overview of all active workflows on the task management dashboard to manage those.



You need to be an Editor or an Administrator to make use of these instructions so please contact your Legisway Essentials Administrator if you do not have a username and password. If you require further assistance with logging in, please contact support at: +31 20 330 16 82



Please click here to download the full manual.